Author: Larissa Babak

Join Us For The Digital And Multimodal Lab!


Are you making videos, slide presentations, or websites? The multimodal lab can help! We offer: 

  • Assistance on any type of digital composition, including videos, slide presentations, or websites
  • Guiding questions to help aid digital composition, like: Who is your audience? What and how is the text doing what it’s supposed to be doing? How does this mode afford or constrain this message?
  • Assistance in creating accessible digital texts through captions, transcripts, and design compatible with screen reader technology
  • Assistance in usability testing of websites

How to use our services: 

  • Visit then “Schedule an Appointment”
  • Sign in and select Digital and Multimodal Lab for the location. All consultations will be held in the Writing Center location in Bessey 300.
  • Select a convenient appointment time
  • Bring your digital text to the appointment

Digital and Multimodal Lab dates:

  • Sunday, November 5 from 5-8pm
  • Tuesday, November 7 from 5-8pm
  • Wednesday, Novemer 8 from 5-8pm
  • Sunday, December 3 from 5-8pm
  • Tuesday, December 5 from 5-8pm
  • Wednesday, December 6 from 5-8pm


Writing Centers and Multilingual Learners (A Review of MiWCA)

At the 2017 MiWCA conference, Cristian Lambaren and Kiera Williams presented on the affect and effect of the Writing Center space on multilingual learners seeking assistance from writing center tutors at the MSU Bessey writing center and its 5 subsequent satellite hubs. This panel showed that while clients like the welcoming feel of the Bessey writing center, it seems busy, having a lot of miscellaneous objects around that are not or do not seem conducive to writing or giving one impetus to write. However, clients were similarly critical of the satellites décor, noting they were bare, lacking, and without any accoutrements to help relax writers. While this difference is stark, and in large part due to how the neighborhood satellites are contracted out to the writing center, it is clear that multilingual clients conclude that each writing center space, no matter which one they attend, lacks balance. As such, the MSU writing center should begin to think of ways to balance the look and feel of the writing center across both its main hub and its subsequent satellite locations.

Written by Wonderful Faison, PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant in Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures (WRAC)