Author: Kurt Trowbridge

Finals Week Playlist – Katie

By: Katie Murray, Social Media Coordinator

This playlist is a combination of music to listen to while studying for finals, and to celebrate with when they are over. One part Elton John, a little house music, and Sea Wolf and Fleet Foxes to top it all off. Explaining why the artist range is so broad would be impossible, but that is probably why it is the perfect Finals Week playlist. Just like finals, my song choices don’t have to make sense!

Finals Week Playlist – Kurt

When I am studying or writing papers for finals, I often prefer to listen to music with a fast tempo, which keeps me productive and focused on my work. As such, this playlist includes songs with high tempos and rhythms that keep my toes tapping and my energy high. In addition, it seems to make time move more quickly, so not only do I get a lot of work done, it means I’m even closer to winter break.

Many of the songs in this playlist are from (unfortunately) less popular, alternative-genre artists, but I’ve thrown in a bit of everything, from pop and dance to hip-hop and blues. Hopefully you aren’t “Up All Night” trying to cram, but if so, I hope that the music included here helps you to accomplish your studying goals and meet your deadlines.

Good luck with your studies!