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Getting Inspired For Writing

National Novel Writing Month

Ever think about writing a novel?
Ever think about writing a whole novel in JUST A MONTH?
Ever think that it would be utterly crazy and wild?
Ever think it help to have tools to keep you on track and a community to give you support and cheer you on?

Yes, yes, yes, yes

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing month is coming up soon!!

You can sign up for free and access many tools that will help spur you on in your writing.

You don’t have to finish writing a whole novel, but it will help you get started on accomplishing that secret dream.  The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month.  Small groups form to help support each other. You can find out about local events and become part of a global movement.  Hundreds of thousands of people join each year for this fun and inspiring event. Last year there were over 668,000 people around the world!

Just go to for more information

The pep talks alone make it entirely worth signing up!

If you don’t really want to write a novel,

To get EVERYONE started in writing the Writing Center @ MSU is having a Write-a-thon on October 18th.  It is a great time where you join a small group of fellow community members and spend a few minutes getting inspired and then time just writing.  The groups walk to several different locations and let the surroundings add to the enriching experience.  Don’t miss this chance to write with like-minded people, to feel connected to a larger community, and to get that much needed boost in your writing.


This year’s theme is hunger. It is a broad topic that can link to whatever you want. OF COURSE, you can write about anything, but it is surprising the fresh ideas you will get from the facilitators and surroundings.

The write-a-thon starts in the main writing center (Room 300 in Bessey Hall) at 1:00pm and goes until about 4:00pm.  You can leave whenever you want, so come and join us for as long as you can.

For more information go to the Writing Center’s Write-a-thon page. We hope to see you there!

First up, the Write-A-Thon Event

The WC Outreach and Grant Committees are hard at work on the Community Composing Project! Part of MSU’s contribution to the Humanities Without Walls Initiative, the CCP is MSU’s answer to the theme and idea of what #MidwestHungerIs. A social and political issue that ties closely to Midwestern history and culture, hunger can have many interpretations that resonate across the globe. Using this overarching idea of hunger, the CCP will have multiple events highlighting the humanities and how they can contribute to the community.

Fast approaching is the Write-A-Thon on Saturday, October 18, where participants will travel to five different MSU locations so that they can be inspired by their surroundings and write about what Midwest hunger means to them. Whether that is a hunger for food, music, art, community or literature, these writers can focus on what appeals to them most. At the end of the event, their work will be collected for an anthology that will be set to music and sold as CDs to the community.

So mark your calendars, check out our twitter #MidwestHungerIs, and stay tuned for more information about our second event on November 19th!

For more information on the Write-A-Thon and other Writing Center events and opportunities, please see our events page

I’m a Good Writer; Do I Need the Writing Center?

I spent a lot of time at AOP (Academic Orientation Program) this week, trying to pitch The Writing Center and its wonderful services to swarms of panicked freshman and their even more panicked parents. I talked to a lot of people who were interested in our services, but I was pretty confused by how frequently people didn’t want to hear my pitch, all saying some variation of, “Oh, I don’t need to know about you guys. I’m a good writer.”

I was shocked to hear this once, but I had person after person, including some parents, who seemed to think that the world is divided into “bad” writers, who use The Writing Center, and “good” writers, who never need any sort of help ever. Not only is this truly, patently false (after all, even the most successful novelists have editors, don’t they?), it just struck me as very sad. It would be terrifying to live in a world that is so high-stakes that the act of asking for help suddenly made me “bad” at something.

The truth is, everyone needs help. “Good” writers need help, not so “good” writers need help (I am uncomfortable saying that anyone who comes to The Writing Center is a “bad” writer, because just thinking about your writing and trying to improve is “good” enough for me. Coming to The Writing Center means you’re putting in effort, so that makes you “good” in my book). I see a lot of clients in the center who I would say are pretty great writers. In fact, a coworker of mine who is getting her PhD in writing recently signed up for an appointment with me. I have been a client at The Writing Center myself. Frequently.

The Writing Center is for everyone, because literally no one is perfect. The Writing Center is a great place to go if you are feeling unsure, if you have questions, or even if you just want to talk to someone about your ideas. I don’t want anyone to feel like coming to The Writing Center means they’re a “bad” writer, because it doesn’t. It just means that they’re a writer. And all writers can use someone to talk to once in a while.

So, whoever you are, come on by. We’d love to help.

Spring Open Mic Night

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 1.43.42 PMIt’s that time again… time for our Spring Open Mic Night! Join us for entertainment, FREE food, and great company. All attendees will be entered into a drawing to win some great prizes.

  • When: TOMORROW, Thursday, April 4th at 6:00pm
  • Where: 300 Bessey Hall

Want to perform? It’s not too late to sign up! Visit this link to submit your name.

Spread the word, grab your friends, and we hope you see you tomorrow!


Getting Ready for Upcoming Career Fairs at MSU

Schedule for upcoming Career Fairs
Click here for more information about upcoming career events

One of the more exciting and terrifying points of your life is when you approach finishing  your degree. You are completing this phase of your life and move towards getting an internship or a job.  Because Michigan State is a major university you have the opportunity to meet with potential employers at career fairs.  Spring is the season for career fairs, internship applications, and applications for graduate school.  No matter how experienced of a writer you are, it will help to get someone to look at your resume, cover letters, or statement of purpose.  There are many issues to think about as you refine your documents to give you the edge in this competitive environment.

Questions to ask about your resume:

  • Should I use a traditional education-based resume or a skills-based resume?
  • Should I include my GPA?
  • What type of verbs should I use?
  • How should I use space, format, font?
  • Do I bring out my soft skills as well as my major accomplishments?

Questions to ask about your cover letter:

  • Does this letter include all of the relevant information not in my resume?
  • Does this letter have the correct tone, style, and format for a formal business letter?
  • Does the structure of the letter optimally communicate my message?

Questions to ask about your statement of purpose:

  • Does this statement answer any specific questions the institution asked?
  • Does the structure and arrangement of ideas help communicate my message?
  • Does this statement positively communicate my goals?
The Place sign in the BCC
Visit “The Place” for writing help at the BCC

Come and visit The Writing Center soon to go over your materials and get prepared for the next step.  At the BCC (Business Communication Center) we have LOTS of experience with resumes, cover letters and statements of purpose. We would love to see you and hear your story!

Finals Week Playlist – Jordon

I have found that slow study music encourages napping and fast study music causes anxiety. Therefore, I have compiled a playlist that matches the pace at which I work. The tempo of the songs I have chosen is fast enough to keep me motivated, but slow enough to allow for deep concentration. I, also, have an extremely broad taste in music. Since I listen to everything from reggae to country, my playlist contains selections from a variety of genres. Consider this playlist a reflection of my study habits and a peek into my library cubicle.