Finals Week Playlist – Julia

Okay, folks. This is it. It’s almost the end–the final stretch. Finals can be rough. REAL rough. Many of you will likely pull an all-nighter. A few of you will probably sleep through a final because you stayed up too late studying for it. Womp womp. But, hey, that’s finals. A week or more of stress, cramming, anxiety, and a whole lot of thinking. Some of you will starve yourselves because you’re so anxious about that Orgo final (don’t do that, it’s unhealthier). Or some of you will be like me and switch to a diet that consists entirely of fatty food that comes to you (don’t do that either). You might discover that the guys at Jimmy John’s already know what you order when they start making your sandwich when you walk in (this is my life).

We all have different ways of dealing with finals stress. Finding a good music playlist keeps me going. For your aural pleasure, I have created a Spotify playlist that includes some of my favorite songs, songs that motivate me, and songs that just seem appropriate for this time of year.

Some of my favorites on the list include:
-Brain Stew by Green Day
-Daylight by Matt & Kim
-Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.
-This Head I Hold by Electric Guest
-At Last by Etta James

Best of luck on your finals!

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