Intercontinental Ink: Twitterversary

With the 7-year anniversary of the launch of Twitter on March 21, I’ve decided to delve into my own past regarding this beyond-popular site. After sifting through my archive of tweets like “#fiddlefaddle at f9ily xmas party #classy” and others that were written in messy Arablish, I’ve realized that my understanding of Twitter’s intentions is far more comprehensive now.

As people started to understand this micro-blogging site, they were able to grow along with it. I remember the first time a popular (ish) newsource started following me, as well as the first time I had an actual conversation over Twitter instead of an abandoned, not-favorited, not-replied post. I also remember my first long distance conversation with several friends in remote locations. Not only has Twitter had a tremendous effect on my personal and professional life, but it also became an instrument for change among other groups of people. Just look at its major role in instigating and maintaining the Arab Spring, or the way it relays information to varying numbers of people almost instantaneously.

Twitter is a way to communicate on an international scale. With its advent, sharing an idea or linking to an article became immediately accessible (but in 140 characters or fewer, of course). Other Twitter users can search keywords and have any level of involvement on the related conversation on a local, national, or international scale.

Twitter creates a platform for comprehensive conversations from a variety of viewpoints. I’m no longer trying to hashtag winky faces and phrases that are eight words long, but rather direct phrases that serve to include my messages in greater conversations. In its seven years of existence, it has more than revolutionized the way people share ideas with each other. From pop culture references to varying political viewpoints, understanding has become more transparent among different people and groups.

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