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The Consultant Diaries

Being called an expert in writing makes consulting seem a little more daunting.  Last week, while working with a Phd student, I was referred to as the expert.  That was weird.  I’m sitting with a client, who is at least ten years older than me and has at least one more degree than me, and yet I was deemed the expert.  But I guess that’s what we are supposed to be, at least to our clients. We have taken the classes and we have been trained, but does that make us experts? Continue reading “The Consultant Diaries”

Trendspotting: A Cup of Coffee

Trendspotting with Alyson Gines logoAnother week come and gone here at The Writing Center. October has suddenly appeared, making this past week’s trendiest accessory a hot cup of coffee. The middle of the semester is almost upon us, which means one thing: midterms. Students are spending their time studying away in the library, and pulling late-night cram sessions to fit in just a little more review before the exam. Caffeine becomes a necessity for surviving all of these exams and papers. Help take a little stress off yourself about your paper by bringing it into The Writing Center (where we also offer coffee, tea, and other hot beverages!). We would love to read over it with you and help make that paper as good as it can be.

Hope to see you here soon, and good luck with your studies!

Cup of Coffee

The Consultant Diaries

pic of Corrine V.So after I made it through my first few weeks observing at The Writing Center and got myself almost a week ahead in homework, I was finally able to take appointments.  I finally got to jump in and start consulting.  I had so many different ways that I wanted to approach an appointment after watching several of my fellow consultants approach their own.  Whether it was brainstorming ideas, reading aloud, or just talking about writing, I was ready to just start consulting.  But then again, clients could make appointments with me.  Continue reading “The Consultant Diaries”

Trendspotting: Flannel

Trendspotting with Alyson Gines logoHey there! It looks like THE hottest top to wear this past week was a flannel shirt. With the cold weather suddenly upon us, students everywhere have been bundling up as they travel across campus. With a chill in the air, it can be hard to want to leave your comfy, cozy room to make it to your Writing Center appointment. Have no fear! We’ve opened up many new locations this year, with hours during the day or evening for your convenience. Check out the list, and see which is closest to you; we might even have a location in your dorm hall, so all you have to do is head on downstairs to go over that paper due later this week, or that application you’ve been working on.

What are you waiting for? Your next Writing Center appointment may be just around the corner.


Hard at work in the Writing Center

Trendspotting: Résumés

Trendspotting with Alyson Gines logoAny guesses as to what THE must-have accessory was last week? Résumés, résumés, résumés! Many of the appointments students made at The Writing Center were to review and improve their résumé writing skills. With autumn upon us, job interviews, internship fairs, and graduate school applications are a few of the great reasons to make an appointment.

Will you be ahead of the curve with an up-to-date, impressive résumé?

Workshop your resume!

The Writing Center’s New Locations: The MSU Union and McDonel Hall

South entrance to the MSU Union
The MSU Union

The Writing Center would like to invite you to check out our two new satellite locations at The MSU Union and McDonel Hall.

These new satellite locations have been opened to offer new and diverse locations to get the same great help as all of our other Writing Center locations. Whether you live just behind Albert Road or are a graduate student in Owen, these two locations have been open with our clients in mind.

The MSU Union location is a great place to come if you live in West Circle, or after you stop into the “original” Biggby and grab a cup of coffee. The MSU Union location is open 5pm-10pm on Sundays and 6:30pm-10pm Monday through Wednesday.

West entrance to McDonel Hall
McDonel Hall

Our new satellite location in McDonel Hall is located in room 105c and has extremely easy access to the Sparty’s in the next room over. This location provides easy access to The Writing Center services whether you live in Owen, Holmes, or McDonel itself. Graduate students, International Students, Lyman-Briggs students, and all kinds of students alike are welcome to check out this new location on Sunday from 5pm-10pm, Monday from 2pm-9pm, or Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Quick Guide: How to Schedule an Appointment

This Quick Guide will show you, step-by-step, how to schedule an appointment at the Writing Center. One-to-one appointments are the meat of the Writing Center (unless you’re a vegetarian. Then they’re the tofu of the Writing Center). In an appointment, a consultant will help you to improve and strengthen as a writer. Just follow this Quick Guide and you’ll be one step closer to becoming a writing wizard.

1. Go to http://writing.msu.edu/ (oh, hey! You’re here).

2. Click on the happy orange “Schedule an Appointment” icon in the top right side of the home page.

3. Register for the Writing Center scheduling system. Make sure that you fill in all of the required fields (because they are required). I recommend using your MSU email.

4. Log in using the email and password that you just set up. Be sure to read the announcements along the right side of the screen. Sometimes they’re useful.

5. Select the location where you would like to make an appointment in the top center of the screen. Bessey Hall is our primary location, but during the fall and spring semesters we have satellites open in many of the different ‘hoods around campus.

6. Choose an open appointment slot (white boxes) from the calendar that fits into your schedule with the friendly/hip/cool/smarty-pants consultant of your choosing.

7. Fill out the appointment form. Make sure that your name is selected from the drop-down menu. Fill out all of the required fields which let us know what you want to work on so we can prepare to help you become a composition champion. Appointments can be up to two hours long in our Main Center, and 30 minutes to an hour in our satellites.

8. When you return to the calendar, your appointment will be highlighted in yellow.

9. You will receive an email confirming your appointment. If you have to edit or delete your appointment, please do so through the Writing Center website.

10. Make sure to show up  on time or else you risk forfeiting your appointment.

All done! You just made your first Writing Center appointment! Go take a victory lap and pat yourself on the back, because you’re a winner!