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Finals Week: a brief novel

In case you’ve been in a complete utter state of denial, it’s finals week! Now, don’t have a panic attack just yet; in the midst of your endless anxiety and sleep deprivation trying to study and finish those final essays, why not reflect on how you prepared (or more likely didn’t) for this moment through a series of BuzzFeed-esque gifs? (As a millennial and former Journalism major with exactly one semester of JRN credits under my belt, I am extremely overqualified to create such blatant slaps to the face of actual journalism)

Remember when you got back from spring break, freshly done with midterms, and started hearing your professors say phrases like ‘this will be on the final’? Yeah. Me too.

But you probably didn’t start studying/writing until, what, last week? And the moment you realized you hadn’t even thought about your final essay probably looked something like this:

Then came the writer’s block-filled process of trying to make sense of what little you remember from that 8:30am lecture:

And all your friends who, unlike you, actually prepared early for exams and kept making plans without you while you’re stuck in your room watching all their Instagram pics that you should be in like:

But then the second they actually asked you to come hang out and you knew they were aware of your insane workload:

Now, exam week has arrived, and every morning you wake up looking for a way out like:

But final-ly (pun intented), the moment your anxiety reaches its peak, the test begins, and you come to terms with your mistakes:

And just like that, finals are over.

Time to party. Or re-enroll in the same classes again for next semester. But either way; party.