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Finals Are Coming: Take a Minute to Relax!

End of the semester writing projects are coming!!!
Quick, write like crazy, write all through the night, just get it done!


A MUCH better way is to start now (if you haven’t already) and get a good first draft done.  Then, as you are writing, do something to relax.  I love to use some aromatic candles to create a relaxing atmosphere to get those ideas going. Green tea is also nice to sip on as you are thinking about how you are going to tackle your final papers.

lit candles and aromatic spices

Sometimes it is good to take a little walk outside.  Even though it has been a long and cold winter, spring is finally here and a few flowers are starting to pop out.


Take a walk through the Beal Botanical gardens over near the library and see if you can catch any of the early flowers peeking up. You can click on the picture to learn more about this historic place.

Beal Botanical Garden

Another great way to relax is participate in a quick jog around campus or look for a pick up game of basketball.  Exercise helps clear your mind as you breathe deeply and take in the fresh air.  Did you know that MSU has special jogging routes?  There are spots to stop and stretch as well as some great scenic strolls along the riverbanks. Just click on the picture below for more information.

Campus Jogging Route

The next step is to make an appointment at the Writing Center to get some feedback.  Don’t wait till the last minute only to find that there are no open spots.  No matter how good you think that paper may be, it can improve through getting thoughtful feedback and going through revisions. The best way to relax is to know that you have things under control. Stop to see us at the Writing Center soon!

Happy College Student with organized writing