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Event Recap: ReCycle, ReMix, ReClaim

Colorful tape made to be rivers and roads stretched across a flat cardboard box.
The beginning.

The Writing Center celebrated yet another of its 20/20 events this past week: ReCyle, ReMix, ReClaim. The inspiration was found in this year’s One Book, One Community choice, a program co-sponsored by the City of East Lansing and MSU. The 2012 book is Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers, a story that takes place in the slums of India.

In this novel, a series of families sort and sell trash as one way out of the slums. Similarly, The Writing Center’s event welcomed students of all backgrounds to come and repurpose items that had previously been thought to be trash—bottles, cardboard, containers, etc. It was an eye-opening exercise in shifting the perspective with which we view the world.

The final product - bottles covered in tape and ribbon making towers, playground equipment made from pipe cleaner.
The final product.

Students ranging in age from Freshmen to Graduate Students came to participate, sharing a bit about themselves and their unique backgrounds as they worked together to turn the trash into something beautiful. As they worked to build a small “city,” discussions about campus, life, and learning were had throughout the evening. It was an activity that created a community based on differences, and that celebrated our diversity. This is what The Writing Center and MSU are all about: creating connections between people and things that open our eyes, and make our world a better place.

ReCycle, ReMix, ReClaim: A Found Art Composing Project

September 27th at 6pm
The Writing Center @ MSU
300 Bessey Hall

In Behind the Beautiful Forevers, the families Katherine Boo follows sort and sell trash as one of their paths out of the slums.

Similarly, we’re asking students and community members to sort through some of the trash and items around them to create new works of art.

The Writing Center will provide space for this composing as well as composing materials to help as your recycle, remix, and reclaim things you have found around the community of MSU and East Lansing.

The project will start and end in The Writing Center, 300 Bessey Hall, but wear your walking shoes.