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Introducing bookshelfies!

Most of us here at the Writing Center are obsessed with books, and we want to share our love for books with you. Enter bookshelfies, an internet trend that’s just what it sounds like—taking selfies in front of your bookshelf. Check it out here: http://bookshelfies.tumblr.com/.

We’ll be featuring new bookshelfies regularly, so be sure to check in!

Introducing our first book nerd, consultant Caitlin Munch…

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Hey y’all! My name is Caitlin Munch. I’m a junior studying Professional Writing with an emphasis in editing and publishing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with reading. I think it all began with my love for Harry Potter. My dad used to travel a lot to different countries and whenever he was traveling, if the newest Harry Potter book came out he would buy it for me and surprise me with it when he got home. As I grew older,  my aunt introduced me to the world of romance and teen fantasy. She introduced me to series like The Princess Diaries, The Nancy Drew Files, Anne of Green Gables, and The Sunfire Romance series. I would read in every spare moment that I had. I was the kid that was so antisocial that one summer my parents threatened to ground me from reading. Now as a writer with aspirations to write the next best-selling book series, I still find myself reading two to three books a week. I just finished The City of Bones series and I’m now reading The Infernal Devices series. I always read Annie Between the States over Christmas, and currently on my list of books to read I have the Beautiful Creatures series, The Arcana Chronicles, and The Stephanie Plum series. I love reading because it takes me away from the life I’m currently living and allows me to be anyone I want for a brief moment in time. Yes, I’m that person that totally falls in love with men in books. And no, there’s nothing wrong with that.