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Finals Are Coming: Take a Minute to Relax!

End of the semester writing projects are coming!!!
Quick, write like crazy, write all through the night, just get it done!


A MUCH better way is to start now (if you haven’t already) and get a good first draft done.  Then, as you are writing, do something to relax.  I love to use some aromatic candles to create a relaxing atmosphere to get those ideas going. Green tea is also nice to sip on as you are thinking about how you are going to tackle your final papers.

lit candles and aromatic spices

Sometimes it is good to take a little walk outside.  Even though it has been a long and cold winter, spring is finally here and a few flowers are starting to pop out.


Take a walk through the Beal Botanical gardens over near the library and see if you can catch any of the early flowers peeking up. You can click on the picture to learn more about this historic place.

Beal Botanical Garden

Another great way to relax is participate in a quick jog around campus or look for a pick up game of basketball.  Exercise helps clear your mind as you breathe deeply and take in the fresh air.  Did you know that MSU has special jogging routes?  There are spots to stop and stretch as well as some great scenic strolls along the riverbanks. Just click on the picture below for more information.

Campus Jogging Route

The next step is to make an appointment at the Writing Center to get some feedback.  Don’t wait till the last minute only to find that there are no open spots.  No matter how good you think that paper may be, it can improve through getting thoughtful feedback and going through revisions. The best way to relax is to know that you have things under control. Stop to see us at the Writing Center soon!

Happy College Student with organized writing

On Graduation

It’s that time of the year where everyone is excited. Classes have finally ended, finals will be over soon, and a new class of seniors will be crossing the stage to accept their “diploma” from MSU. I will be one of those people. Everyone asks me, “Are you excited? What are you doing after you graduate? Do you have any plans? Do you have a job? Are you nervous? Are you sad?” Well, in short: not sure, not sure, kind of, no, yes, kind of.


Everyone expects seniors to have everything planned out to a T and be excited. In reality, it’s terrifying. Thinking about the fact that my undergrad college career is over is mind blowing and unbelievable. My entire life has been school. It’s what I’ve been good at. The cycle of summer job, school in the fall, winter break, school, repeat , is ingrained in me. School is what I’ve always been good at. I can’t imagine not feeling the need to go back to school in the fall. Not only that, but finding a job is hard. I know that seems obvious, but I think it’s something that all incoming freshman think isn’t true; I think it’s something we all expect to happen because, well, why wouldn’t it? But it’s hard, especially if you want the kind of job that is directly related to your major. It’s literally like sending out 20 resumes to get five rejections, two callbacks, and no responses from the rest. It’s disheartening and depressing and it just adds to the anxiousness of everything.


But things are starting to change. School is getting exhausting, and I’m starting to get tired of being in a classroom and writing about “what I would do” and not having the opportunity to do it. I want more actual experience at a company doing a job so I can know what specifically to improve on. I think I’m starting to get tired of school. I’m not saying I would never come back to it (I want a Ph.D eventually), but I’m hitting the point that I need a break from it. I want to know what it’s like not to have to worry about schoolwork.


My time at MSU has had its ups and downs, but overall I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend my college career. I love everything about this campus. I love the river, the rock, the Spartan spirit, the friends I’ve made, the self growth I’ve gone through, and all the experiences. Graduating is going to be hard, it’s going to be an emotional week coming up to graduation, but it’s necessary and it’s a good thing. I refuse to cry about it, though I know I will eventually, but I will smile and continue smiling as I cross the stage. All the money, time, tears, all-nighters, and caffeine was worth it. It’s finally done, and I’m more than content about it.


However, on behalf of all students graduating please, PLEASE, stop asking us those anxiety creating questions. We’re freaking out enough about them.


A motivational set of gifs for Finals Week

Feeling stressed about finals? Check out these motivational gifs!

Nervous about starting your first exam?

Remember, finals don’t control your life!
I know that sometimes it’s not “possible” to be in control of your own life because you’re still dependent on other people (like your parents, and that’s okay). But eventually, you become independent, and it’s in your hands to choose what will be best for you. You have that power!

Feeling down?
I know I make a lot of penguins, but here’s another little one to boost your self esteem! &gt;w&lt;<br /> Inspired by this cute post.

Once you’ve come halfway through the week, don’t forget to

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming~There’s a new Finding Dory movie coming out in the future too! :D<br /> Note: Apparently a random bunch of my most recent drawings have been making headway around the internet as an image set, yay! 

It may seem like the week lasts forever, but even the worst days come to an end

Even though you might go through some gloomy times, it’ll always get better. ^^ I’m going through a pretty tough time handling schoolwork and college applications, so I apologize for a lack of new posts and not responding to messages. Don’t worry, I’ll update as much as I can, and things will definitely improve after I submit my apps!

And don’t forget to

If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re wrong


Finals Week: a brief novel

In case you’ve been in a complete utter state of denial, it’s finals week! Now, don’t have a panic attack just yet; in the midst of your endless anxiety and sleep deprivation trying to study and finish those final essays, why not reflect on how you prepared (or more likely didn’t) for this moment through a series of BuzzFeed-esque gifs? (As a millennial and former Journalism major with exactly one semester of JRN credits under my belt, I am extremely overqualified to create such blatant slaps to the face of actual journalism)

Remember when you got back from spring break, freshly done with midterms, and started hearing your professors say phrases like ‘this will be on the final’? Yeah. Me too.

But you probably didn’t start studying/writing until, what, last week? And the moment you realized you hadn’t even thought about your final essay probably looked something like this:

Then came the writer’s block-filled process of trying to make sense of what little you remember from that 8:30am lecture:

And all your friends who, unlike you, actually prepared early for exams and kept making plans without you while you’re stuck in your room watching all their Instagram pics that you should be in like:

But then the second they actually asked you to come hang out and you knew they were aware of your insane workload:

Now, exam week has arrived, and every morning you wake up looking for a way out like:

But final-ly (pun intented), the moment your anxiety reaches its peak, the test begins, and you come to terms with your mistakes:

And just like that, finals are over.

Time to party. Or re-enroll in the same classes again for next semester. But either way; party.

Seven Survival Strategies for Surviving Finals Week

We all know the struggle that life becomes during finals week. The hectic, crazy, chaotic mess of way too much to do, with far too little sleep on top of a malnourished diet proves to be a feat to tackle each and every semester. As a 26 year-old undergrad who has been taking classes since fall of 06, I’ve come up with some strategies that I use to help me make it through.

1. Get organized. It is absolutely essential for me to create several lists of work to be completed and determine based on due dates and personal interest the order of which I will start crossing things out. I have to see the big picture and devise a solid plan in order to not feel to overwhelmed to do anything.


2. Breaks. Study breaks are necessary. Regardless of how you spend your breaks, they are important to take. Sometimes the best ideas come to us when we remove ourselves from the situation and are doing some other mindless thing. It is also important to plan study breaks from which you can easily return to work from.

3. Eat. Your brain cannot function without carbohydrates. It is hard to maintain a well-balanced diet through the stress of a crazy finals week, especially when you’re broke! But making sure you’re getting nutrients to your brain is a must!


4. Exercise. I am a runner. I have to move my body and expel some energy in order to be able to sit and focus on work later. If you regularly exercise, it is important to keep to your routine, even if you’re feeling you don’t have the time, just do a short run or gym session. Our bodies need what they’re used to.

5. Incentives! Ahh, my favorite. You must reward yourself, and give yourself incentives for various tasks in order to make it through the big picture work. Mine looks something like, if I finish the body of this paper I get a glass of wine*. If I finish the paper, I get a glass of wine and an entire bag of Totino’s Pizza Rolls. So don’t forget to give yourself treats, you’re earning them!


6. Fluid intake. You must drink water! There is so much to do and on little sleep. Keeping up on water intake is vital for staying healthy throughout finals week. Not to mention, if you drink as much caffeine as I do, water is important to balance the anti-diuretic-ness.

7. Jams. The right music is a must for me making it through finals week. I like to have a private dance party around my apartment with my ear buds in, blaring so loud I’m sure that when I’m 65 I will no longer be able to hear certain frequencies. I need certain pump-me-up jams at times to make it through. It has also been proven that listening to jazz or classical music while studying is more effective than studying with any other type or music or without music at all.

Good luck to you all this finals week! I hope some of these strategies will help you survive!

*Drink responsibly.

How To Survive Finals Week Without Going Completely Crazy

Finals week sucks. There’s no way around it. I’ve been through four years worth of finals weeks, and they always suck. That being, I have developed some strategies for making it a little bit more bearable. If you can spare the time from studying, let’s talk about how to get through finals week with your sanity in tact.

1.    Plan ahead. Don’t leave everything until the last minute. Look at your deadline and work backwards to make a doable schedule for finishing everything. Working a fair amount for a few weeks is going to be a lot less stressful than working yourself to death for a few days. Give yourself plenty of time to get everything done to try to minimize your panic. This has the added benefit of breaking up your work into manageable chunks. It’s a lot less overwhelming to think about the next thing you have to do than think about all the things you have to do. Giving yourself a plan will be good for your schedule and your sanity.

2.    Take regular, scheduled breaks. I always tell myself I’m going to take a break after I finish this chapter or whatever, but by the time I finish the chapter it’s 2:00 in the morning and I don’t have time for a break any more. Tell yourself you’re going to take a break every three hours or so, regardless of how much work you have finished. Then, actually take the break. I know you can get so caught up in the finals week frenzy that you think you can’t spare the ten minutes of break time, but your studying will be a lot more efficient if you’ve taken the time to recharge, and you’ll actually finish more.

3.    Make sure your break is relaxing. I know it feels unproductive to take a break, but don’t trick yourself into doing different work when you should be relaxing. Take a bath, go for a jog, veg out with some television, whatever, just don’t do something that is going to continue to make you anxious, like cleaning. Your break should be relaxing or invigorating, not taxing and stressful.

4.    Engage in physical activity. Get up and move as much as possible during your study time. Sitting still for prolonged periods is really hard on your body; it will distract you from studying, and it will lessen the quality of your sleep. Take the time to go for a walk, do some yoga, or do whatever physical activity you enjoy. This is a great thing to do during your scheduled breaks. Even doing a few stretches or walking around your room will make you feel more relaxed, healthy, and focused.

5.    Get a good night’s sleep. I know. I know. You have to stay up all night studying. The thing is, your memories don’t consolidate until you’ve slept, so it’s better to get less studying done and then sleep than to get more studying done without sleeping. When you’re sleep deprived, you’re less productive, you have less memory retention, your reasoning skills are impaired, and, let’s face it, you’re totally crazy. Get some sleep. You’ll feel a lot better, and you’ll do better on your exams. I promise.

6.    Don’t get caught up in competition. Okay, so we all know that guy. That guy who wants to talk about how he did so much more studying than you and he stayed up so much later and he made so many more flashcards. And then you’re like, man, I need to make more flashcards and stay up even later. And pretty soon you’re chugging down five-hour energies surrounded by huge stacks of flashcards, slowly losing your grip on reality. Don’t do that. Study as much as you need to, not whatever arbitrary amount will make you feel like you have suffered the most.

7.    Take the time to see some friends, but only ones that have a positive effect. Hang out with friends who are going to really relax you and help you unwind. Don’t hang out with anyone who is going to freak you out, or who is going to distract you from your studies too much. They can wait until next week.

8.    Try not to sweat it. Grades are important, but they aren’t worth your sanity.  Worst comes to worst, you get a bad grade. It’s not ideal, but it’s not going to ruin your life. Do your best, but don’t let yourself lose sight of what’s really important: your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. You can do it. Good luck.