The Navigating the PhD Workshop Series

These two interactive writing workshops, given at least once a semester, are designed to help you develop an individualized plan for graduate writing, especially comprehensive exams, dissertation proposals, and dissertations. Session 1 is designed for students in the early years of their PhD study. Session 2 is designed for students in the latter years of their PhD study. See below for descriptions of the face-to-face workshops.

The online modules of The Navigating the PhD Workshop (found on the sidebar at the right), are designed after the face-to-face workshops. These online modules allow students who are able to attend (or not) the face-to-face workshops to experience the workshops on their own time, and in their own location. Descriptions of the online workshop modules are found on the session pages at the right.

Session 1: Navigating the PhD: Managing Time and Academic Relationships
In this 3-hour workshop, plans for time management and working with others will be the main focus. Participants will create academic timelines for their PhD work at MSU and discuss technologies and habits that can help them stay on task. Participants will also discuss how to manage the stress that often pervades the life of PhD students and share strategies for overcoming writer’s block and procrastination. Additionally, discussion about selecting and working with committees will provide a space for sharing about and learning how to communicate with faculty members about participants’ research and writing.

Session 2: Navigating the PhD: Writing Processes & Strategies for Academic Writing
In this 3-hour workshop, the focus will be on writing processes and practices. Every PhD program at MSU requires comprehensive exams, dissertation proposals, and dissertations. In the workshop, participants will explore and share their current writing practices and be given practical writing and revision strategies. During the latter half of the workshop, participants will develop a plan for developing and completing their dissertations.

For more information about the Navigating the PhD workshop, please contact the Graduate School at for information about scheduling and registration or the workshop facilitator at about content.

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