Summer Internship and Job Applications

The snow is blowing across the sidewalk, the windchill is in the negative numbers, you lean in to the wind and try not to slip on the ice as you walk to class.

Summer seems like a pleasant dream, but a million miles away.

BUT deadlines for applying to summer internships and jobs are fast approaching!

One of the important advantages of going to a university with the influence level of Michigan State is the connections to employers and opportunities for internships.  Often an internship will determine if you have a lucrative job offer waiting for you when you graduate or not.

As you know, that competition for many jobs is pretty fierce.  A key to getting that interview is having an excellent resume. There is a lot more to resume writing than just making sure there are no grammar errors.  Does your resume really communicate your skills and experience?  Does it have a good flow? Does it use layout, font, and content to communicate who you are in a professional manner?

To produce a good resume is quite a skill.  Usually it will take several major revisions to capture the full picture of someone’s skills and experience.  Don’t wait till the last minute and risk missing out on your dream job.

There is still time to get that resume ready. Make an appointment at the Writing Center today!!

Also, the MSU Career Network has produced a great guide to help you prepare for the job hunt. There are helpful questions to ask employers, great suggestions on what to do, and what not to do.

Click here to get the Career Fair Quick guide

Hope to see you around soon!

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