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Exploring “Loved” as a Short Story about Gender and Relationships

Some time ago, I shared a flash game called Dys4ia that dealt with one person’s experience with hormone replacement therapy.

There were gameplay elements to it, but I argued for it as more of an interactive narrative that required user interaction to tell parts of the story.

This week, we’ll discuss a similar game with similar theming. This game also attempts to tell a story through gameplay, and it also tries to make you a little bit uncomfortable.

Loved Title

The game (or “short story,” as creator Alexander Ocias classifies it) is called “Loved,” and you can play it (for free) right here in about 10 minutes or less. It tackles gender roles to an extent, but the game is really about making players understand the nature of an emotionally abusive relationship. Continue reading “Exploring “Loved” as a Short Story about Gender and Relationships”