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Pen of Jenn – Visual Design & Its Importance

Everyday, we are flooded with images, specifically in the form of ads and logos. They do so much work on our brain that we don’t know it. A lot of logos and ads are so well known that most people don’t even need certain elements to know what it is. Here’s an example: “Bah dap bop bop bah, I’m lovin’ it.”  One guess: McDonald’s! The legendary golden arches are known throughout the world. The McDonalds’ red & gold are so well known that maybe you don’t even need the arches. But why do the arches exist? What’s their significance? Why red and gold? These are all decisions that were made intentionally and not at random by a visual designer. All of these things were intentionally selected to evoke something from people who see it.

Step right up ladies and gentlemen. For my first trick, I will be analyzing the Starbucks logo. For most of us, we grew up with this Starbucks logo:


This logo has the Starbucks name in it, along with their top selling commodity, coffee, in front of a dark green background, and their trademark Siren in the middle in front of a black background. The dark green represents “nature, trustworthy, refreshing, cool, restful, quiet, traditional, and money.” Though Starbucks sells more than coffee, it is known for its coffee. The Siren in the middle is possibly the most significant decision for the logo. A Siren, from greek mythology, is known for its powerful voice and luring sailors off of their course and to death. They’re hypnotizing and it’s hard to resist their call. By Starbucks having a Siren, they are saying that their coffee is luring and hard to resist (though the death thing probably isn’t included in the meaning). Though this may seem a bit stuck up, it’s hard to deny the bounty of people who love Starbucks and drink their coffee faithfully (I may or may not be included in this).

Below is the new Starbucks logo that was introduced in 2011.

Starbucks-Logo NEW

With the new logo, they’ve completely omitted the “Starbucks Coffee” around the Siren and zoomed in to focus on the Siren. Not only are the same meanings still applied to the color Green and the Siren itself, but now, Starbucks is implying that they are so well known that you don’t need to see their name to know it’s their coffee.

There you have it folks! I bet you’ll never look at the Starbucks logo the same. Not that I’m bias, but you should still go buy their coffee because it’s great. Logos have so many different implications that aren’t even considered when we view them as consumers. It’s amazing what can be deciphered. Until next time from the Pen of Jenn, I leave you with this meme of where the Starbucks Logo may go in the future.


starbucks logo meme

Trendspotting: Snacks

Trendspotting with Alyson GinesFinals are almost upon us! The library is packed, caffeine is flowing, and sleep suddenly becomes non-existent. With it being crunch time, the accessory we’ve seen the most here at The Writing Center has been snacks. Everyone is looking for that extra energy boost to help make it through these final days of the semester. Some of the most popular amongst consultants are cookies, granola bars, and (of course) chocolate.

What’s your finals snack of choice?

Containers of chocolate chip cookies with apple in front.

Trendspotting: A Cup of Coffee

Trendspotting with Alyson Gines logoAnother week come and gone here at The Writing Center. October has suddenly appeared, making this past week’s trendiest accessory a hot cup of coffee. The middle of the semester is almost upon us, which means one thing: midterms. Students are spending their time studying away in the library, and pulling late-night cram sessions to fit in just a little more review before the exam. Caffeine becomes a necessity for surviving all of these exams and papers. Help take a little stress off yourself about your paper by bringing it into The Writing Center (where we also offer coffee, tea, and other hot beverages!). We would love to read over it with you and help make that paper as good as it can be.

Hope to see you here soon, and good luck with your studies!

Cup of Coffee

The Writing Center’s New Locations: The MSU Union and McDonel Hall

South entrance to the MSU Union
The MSU Union

The Writing Center would like to invite you to check out our two new satellite locations at The MSU Union and McDonel Hall.

These new satellite locations have been opened to offer new and diverse locations to get the same great help as all of our other Writing Center locations. Whether you live just behind Albert Road or are a graduate student in Owen, these two locations have been open with our clients in mind.

The MSU Union location is a great place to come if you live in West Circle, or after you stop into the “original” Biggby and grab a cup of coffee. The MSU Union location is open 5pm-10pm on Sundays and 6:30pm-10pm Monday through Wednesday.

West entrance to McDonel Hall
McDonel Hall

Our new satellite location in McDonel Hall is located in room 105c and has extremely easy access to the Sparty’s in the next room over. This location provides easy access to The Writing Center services whether you live in Owen, Holmes, or McDonel itself. Graduate students, International Students, Lyman-Briggs students, and all kinds of students alike are welcome to check out this new location on Sunday from 5pm-10pm, Monday from 2pm-9pm, or Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm-9pm

An Ode to the Writing Center

Oh, the Writing Center, How do I Love thee
Let me count the Ways—
With your Hot coffee and Tasty candy Trays
We pass our Time speaking of words that Rhyme
Discussing theoretical Matters that pass our Days

And when the day is Done we gather our Fun
And share the Happenings that came our Way
Clients and Consultants, we are intertwined
With meaning, Laughter and learning on the mind

We provide response to those who wish to find
Answers to the Grammar situation
Past present and participle

This place is a Scared space where we explore
How learning opens our door