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Writing Resource: Nika Harper’s Wordplay

Nika Harper does vlogs on the Geek and Sundry Youtube channel. Her vlog series is titled “Wordplay” and its topic is creative writing. You might be wondering how creative writing videos might help you become a better writer, right? Well keep reading!

Creative writing can be important in an academic setting because you’re not always going to be writing boring 5 paragraph essays or lengthy research papers. Anyone who has written a literacy narrative knows what I’m talking about, and personal statements to an extent. Essentially any situation in which one must tell a story, it’s creative writing that gets this done. Creative writing can hone skills that are essential to becoming an effective writer in any context or genre, like writing for different audiences and writing in different voices.

However, all of Nika’s videos aren’t about creative writing. This video is actually about cover letters:

This video is especially practical, yet the video is still entertaining and quirky in her own creative way.

Even if you don’t like creative writing, I highly encourage you to check out this vlog series, it’s very entertaining and informative.