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Point of View & Video Games: Part 1

One of the main dilemmas that a writer can encounter is trying to determine the best way to tell a story. In my “Intro to Fiction” class last year, we had various writing activities where we had to experiment with different points of view. However, one thing I learned is that you can’t just give any story a point of view because that point of view may not fit that story.

In video games, point of view is an entirely different task. PoV in video games is a very complicated subject, which is why I’ve decided to address each in their own post to hopefully avoid confusion. While there are three different points of view in narratives, most video games are written for the same PoV but are played through different PoVs.

The most obvious PoV to figure out with video games is first person. You are playing directly from the character’s perspective. So, in essence, your eyes are their eyes; you can see as far as they can, and you control every aspect of their body just as if it was your body. Two examples of games that really help understand this view are: Doom & Bioshock (the entire series).



The cool thing about the above screenshot is that the character, “you,” have been hit, so your screen goes red to represent it. The picture of the character also shows you what you look like and will show scars/scratches when you’ve been “beaten up.” Continue reading “Point of View & Video Games: Part 1”