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Telling a Story with Sound, Gameplay, and Skrillex

Screenshot of a pixel art character with sword and shield, looking out at a glitched game world

Here at The Writing Center, we run something called the Digital Video Workshop at least a dozen times (most likely more) every semester.

In it, we talk about how different elements of a video work together to create meaning. There are both visual and audible elements in any video worth watching, and if it’s well made, the sound matches what you see. In fact, doesn’t just match it; it frames it. The sound takes what you see on the screen, and changes the way you process it.

And if you don’t believe me, see if this changes your mind.

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Character Building Without Writing: Playing your Protagonist into Existence

Sometimes, in fiction writing, you have a really good idea for a certain type of character, but you’re not sure what story to put him in.

Sometimes, you have a good idea for a story, but struggle with building a character.

Sometimes you want to share that idea with the world and tell your character’s story, but you don’t have the slightest idea how to start. In fact, that’s probably most of the time.

When I’m faced with a situation like that, I put my character through something like a stress test. That is to say, I’ll put said character through a number of unusual scenarios to see how they act. In other words, I role-play them.

The amount of choice given to players in modern role-playing games (RPGs) is ever-increasing, chiefly because the point of playing them is the ability to, you know, role play. Historically, video game RPGs have considered “role playing” as basically stepping into the role of a pre-fabricated character and playing through his/her story. And your story-building options are twofold: win, or lose. Continue reading “Character Building Without Writing: Playing your Protagonist into Existence”