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Photo Friday: DIY Decor!

Photo Friday: Painting Ceiling Tiles
The Writing Center’s own crafty consultants are decorating ceiling tiles for the center. This tile in particular contains a painting of Sparty – perfect for MSU’s homecoming! Come to 300 Bessey Hall to check out our new decor! Photo by Jordon Crimmins, 2012.

Want another chance to craft with the friendly Writing Center staff? Meet us on Adams Field (Outside of IM West) tomorrow morning from 9am-11:30am to create alphabet photography plaques!

Trendspotting: The Color Turquoise

Trendspotting with Alyson Gines logo

Looks like THE color to wear last week was turquoise–specifically, the awesome Writing Center 20/20 shirt. This fall semester marks the 20th anniversary of Writing Center, and we are celebrating with 20 different events. This festive year was kicked off with a big party in August, and some of the other upcoming events include game nights, creating a cook book, open mic nights, and more parties!

Next event on the calendar is the Reading with the Red Cedar Writing Project–will you be there?

20/20 T-shirt
Writing Center 20/20 Shirt


New Floor….New Writing Center (almost)

A few week ago the Writing Center at Bessey Hall was closed for two days as we had new flooring installed in our high traffic areas. While everything was moved around our faithful and multi-talented writing consultants cleaned and scrubbed. Then everything was moved back, but thoughtfully transformed. You can see the difference even as you come in to the center. The registration desk is moved for better access and flow. We want you to feel welcomed from the first moment you get here.

An Open door to the writing center reveals new flooring and a re-positioned receptionist desk
Coming In

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