The Consultant Diaries: If Types of WC Candy Were Types of Writing

One of the best things about The Writing Center is our candy. It’s like a box of chocolates (pun intended)—you never know what you’re going to find each day. Consulting is like a box of chocolates, too. No two appointments are ever the same. There’s always a new client to help and a new piece of writing to help them with. So what if different types of writing were different types of Writing Center candy?

Nerds would be research papers. Nerds go everywhere and you always lose the little bits. With research papers, you lose all the little pieces too: the quotes, the citations, your sanity…

Milky Ways are things you write for non-academic reasons. They don’t have the weight of hardcore candies. They feel light and fluffy, like heavenly clouds, like the types of writing that don’t stress you out.

Laffy Taffies are dissertations. They get stuck in your cheek and you just CAN’T. GET. THEM. OUT. Just like dissertations that hang over your head that you can’t ever escape from.

Mints are reflection papers. Like mints, I find reflection papers refreshing. I like learning about my clients, and reflection papers can be a nice, interesting break from academic papers.

Twix are whatever your favorite pieces of writing are. Twix are my favorite type of candy: they’ve got chocolate AND caramel AND nice crispy wafers. When I’m eating one, I enjoy every moment of it. When I’m helping clients with résumés, too, I completely enjoy it. I love helping them with pieces of writing that could give them new opportunities and potentially change their lives.

What’s your favorite thing to write? What’s your Twix?

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