The Writing Process

I know what you’re thinking; you’re wondering what is a writing process and why I am writing about it? A writing process is whatever sequence of events you follow from start to finish when you write something. It’s important to become aware of your own writing process because it can allow you to become a more productive writer.

Now that you know what a writing process is, I want to give you some advice based on my own writing process. I hope I can explain what a writing process can look like and how some introspection about yourself might reveal important information about your owm process.

My writing process: I like to think about what I am going to write and then furiously write everything I can think of down without thought to whether my ideas connect or if there are grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Then I go through what I have and clean it up grammatically and organize my thoughts into paragraphs or sections; then I brainstorm about each section I have created and add content mostly in the same way as I described before. Rinse and repeat!

I like my writing process because I am a visual learner; after I have word vomited my thoughts onto a page, I am able to visually see everything that I had on my mind, which makes it really simple for me to SEE how everything fits together. In turn, this allows me to keep focus and structure what I’m writing the way I want it to be and “fit the puzzle pieces together.”

Where do you write? I can write nearly anywhere. The only “where” that I’m concerned with when I am writing is making sure that either:

  1. If I were writing on paper I would want to make sure that it is mine so I can keep it. Or
  2. If I were writing on a computer, I’d really prefer to be writing on my own laptop.

Does music help you? For me, both yes and no. If the music is relaxing and not distracting (instrumental or light music for example) then it usually helps my writing process by having an audibly dynamic environment around be but not one that is distracting. However, if there are a lot of vocals or the music is super loud then it will distract me.

Does procrastination help? I think there can be some truth to the idea that procrastinating until the last night of an assignment can cause one to write quite efficiently (but this is likely due to necessity!) I wouldn’t suggest putting everything off until the last minute, but finding that late night, caffeine-fueled euphoria can result in lots of productivity. I’d suggesting using your best judgment.

How long does it normally take to write something? For me, writing projects can take a long time. One reason for this is because I like to write many drafts of writing projects, which can naturally awhile.

Do you write drafts, if so how many? You can obviously imagine that I’m a fan of drafting, so you’re probably not surprised that my advice is “yes you should, they are pretty great.” I find this useful because it allows me to focus on certain things, either parts of my paper of different overall aspects like grammar or flow, during each different draft.

DO YOU GO TO THE WRITING CENTER? I like to use The Writing Center when I find myself stuck on a section or I feel that I really need the feedback of another writer. And let’s be honest, how could I not plug The Writing Center here? Come see us!

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I want to find a page that fixes the mistakes for me when I have drafts of writing. Does your page do that? If not, do you mind showing me some ways to find them. I have heard that there are online pages that fixes drafts of writing, giving tips to improve students’ English writing skill.
    Thank you.

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