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Navigating the PhD Workshop Series

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  1. Allegra Smith
    Allegra Smith: Brainstorming new #pornrhetorics conference titles with my #wcmsu colleagues. It's a porn punapalooza up in here.

  2. OU Writing Center
    OU Writing Center: @WCMSU we also love the pomodoro technique and web apps like http://t.co/YxqnZa3kav. @tomatotimer

  3. NEU Writing Center
    NEU Writing Center: @WCMSU We like to literally draw the pages out and visualize how many paragraphs we'll need to fill them! http://t.co/hHhjSg04B0

  4. Allegra Smith
    Allegra Smith: Helping lots of students out with cover letters and personal statements tonight for #wcmsu. Love seeing folks write about their passions.

  5. DiannaB
    DiannaB: Let's write abt hunger. What do you hunger for? Submit your writing at http://t.co/n4MXdsFWYG (https://t.co/DIHDy4Acl8) #wcmsu