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Women of the Writing Center
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  1. Uncle Noodle
    Uncle Noodle: @WCMSU Do college students need to learn raw facts? See “This Is Jeopardy!” at http://t.co/AoLhAgo0hQ http://t.co/5RO3vDglNr

  2. Writing Center @ MSU
    Writing Center @ MSU: RT @SLCCSWC: The StudentWritingCenter Daily is out! http://t.co/sONoIqOig5 Stories via @WCMSU @newsfromtengrrl @SaltLakePlaces

  3. Allegra Smith
    Allegra Smith: So @mariatnovotny dropped off a cozy chair to donate to the @WCMSU media lab, and I think I might take a catnap in it...

  4. Suban Nur Cooley
    Suban Nur Cooley: Greetings and solidarity from a grad student @msuwrac and @WCMSU! #EstoyconEndil2014 #RLCPE

  5. Trixie Smith
    Trixie Smith: Best wishes for a productive #rlcep conference and lots of network building #EstoyconEndil2014 from @WCMSU