The Writing Center @ MSU provides a wide variety of services to the MSU community that focus on creating better writers. Our services are available for students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, faculty, and community members.

Individual Consultations

In individual consultations, a consultant will work with you one-on-one to improve your writing on an individual basis. By listening, we can help you to identify your writing strengths and weaknesses and we can give you tools to improve your writing. We are available at several different locations across campus to collaborate with you at any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming to drafting your dissertation.

Group Consultations

If you’re working on a group project and need additional feedback, your entire group can come to the Center and meet with a consultant. All you need to do is have one of your group members create an account in the schedule and set up the appointment. Group consultations can occur at any of our locations, but we recommend either Bessey Hall or the Library because the larger spaces make group consultations easier.

Online Consultations

If you’re looking for personalized writing help but would rather work from the comfort of your own home, try an online appointment. The Writing Center @ MSU consults online using Google Docs and Google Drive, a cloud-based platform that requires no download. After you make an appointment, you’ll receive instructions in a confirmation email. Right before your appointment, a Google Doc will be shared with you and you’ll copy your writing into it. Once you’re logged in, your consultant will meet you there! A reliable Internet connection is needed.

Starting Summer 2020, we are also offering online Zoom consultations if you would like to meet with a consultant face-to-face (virtually). Zoom is a video-conferencing program that is provided free to the MSU community. It does require a download but can be accessed through a meeting link that will be sent to you before your consultation. Again, a reliable Internet connection is necessary. If you would like to have a Zoom consultation, when you schedule an appointment, make sure you choose a consultant who is able to take Zoom appointments. You can find this information by hovering over the consultant’s name, which will show their available modalities. Then, within the scheduling page, choose the “Schedule Zoom appointment” option in the “What modality for your appointment?” box.


We also have workshops for entire classes, groups, or clubs. These workshops help students think about writing in an academic setting and beyond. Our workshops aim to get students thinking, prompt discussion, and share knowledge of writing that students can use throughout their college career. You can browse our workshop catalog to find the perfect fit for your class or group, then request a workshop.

Writing Groups

Writing groups are another way we facilitate collaborative writing. We offer graduate writing groups, creative writing groups, and faculty writing groups. If you’re interested in joining one, check out our writing group catalog and fill out our form to request a writing group. All of these writing groups allow you to learn from your peers, share your common knowledge, and network with others who have similar interests.


In addition to the services the Writing Center @ MSU offers, there are various spaces across campus that offer open, scheduled writing time for graduate students. Write-ins are typically scheduled in three-hour blocks on Fridays and are ideal if you’re looking for quiet working time. Coffee, tea, and lunch are usually provided. The Writing Center’s faculty or graduate students help facilitate these write-ins by providing feedback and support. To register for a write-in and to see the schedule, please visit the graduate school calendar. To sign-up for Community Engaged Scholarship Write-Ins, click here.