Writing Center @ MSU Resources

Writing Resources

Online College Courses

Onlinecourses.com provides visitors a free database of open coursework from the world’s leading universities. Courses specific to writing include Technical Writing, The Creative Spark as well as many others.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

The Purdue OWL is our go-to resource for formatting and citation guidelines, specifically MLA and APA. The OWL is accessible, easy to use, and up to date with the latest standards.

Open Education Database

The OEDB has created a comprehensive list of “150 Resources to Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively.” This list covers topics from citations and style guides to English-language skills and even blogging.

Intellectual Property Law Issues in Academic Writing

National Paralegal College explains plagiarism, paraphrasing, quoting, copyright, fair use, and more in this informative webpage.

On-Campus Resources

MSU Library

The MSU Library is home to our busiest satellite location, but the library has tons of other resources available to students and faculty, including state of the art Collaborative Technology Labs which are great for group writing projects. In addition to the library’s vast collections and accessible space is it’s staff, always willing and able to answer questions and offer help.

English Language Center (ELC)

The ELC works with international students to gain experience using their English language skills across multiple programs, workshops,  and off-campus activities.

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD)

The RCPD at MSU assesses academic and workplace needs of persons with disabilities, as well as works with individuals to build plans to accommodate their abilities, links folks with community and campus resources, and extends independence through supportive aids and self-advocacy.

Office of Supportive Services (OSS)

The OSS is an organization equipped to prepare students for the challenges of college life. This organization specifically serves first-generation low-income students by providing academic advising, math tutoring, social counseling, personal planning, and skill development.

Math Learning Center 

The MLC offers tutoring for all 100- and 200-level math classes. In addition to math tutoring, the center also hosts Problem Sessions and Exam Review Sessions.

Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC)

The NSSC is an innovative and collaborative organization of experts driving Michigan State University to continually improve the services, practices, and activities for holistic student success.