Writing Engagement Liaison Program

Beginning in 2018, The Writing Center at Michigan State University sought to further expand its services in line with our mission of being a community-engaged, support resource for a diverse set of student writers across campus. To do so, we now offer an additional service through our Writing Engagement Liaison Program.

This program offers specific, responsive, community-based support in an embedded model that works collaboratively with your organization/program’s existing structure. We do this by setting up regular consultant office hours and engagement with your organization/program with the goal of familiarizing students with The Writing Center and providing a safe, dedicated space of learning for students who may not otherwise encounter the Center.

We hope to continue and build upon this work through yearly assessments of progress and value, nurturing a reciprocal relationship between The Writing Center and the many organizations/programs we hope to work with.

If you are interested in having dedicated and customized Writing Center support for your organization/program on campus, please contact The Writing Center. Then, together with your assigned consultant, you can choose from a variety of support services based on what is most valuable to your students. In addition to a consultant’s presence at your organization/program’s meetings and events, access to Writing Center workshops, and extended office hours, other options for activities and events include:

  • Custom workshops
  • One-on-one peer tutoring
  • Advisory council
  • Group tutoring/mentoring
  • Study groups

We also anticipate strengthening the relationship between your organization/program and The Writing Center in order to best serve students at Michigan State University.

For more information, please contact Grace Pregent at pregentg@msu.edu.