Writing Groups

At The Writing Center, we know that much writing takes place in a peer setting as a communal undertaking, creating teachers and learners simultaneously out of all those involved. For this reason, you can schedule a regular meeting of a writing group—a small group of writers working closely with a Writing Center facilitator—to read and respond to each others’ work, moving toward the common goal of peer education. The primary purpose of the groups is to help individuals talk about writing with one another in mutually beneficial ways.

Each writing group meets for two hours a week and members are expected to spend one hour each week reviewing the materials to be discussed. The meetings are conducted in ways that benefit the group members’ needs or preferences. The facilitator will help by asking questions about writing and those processes to hopefully bring in new perspectives.

In addition, the writing groups help with time management and organization. Many participants find these groups incredibly helpful as a venue to talk about writing, but occasionally a group member will find that they prefer one-on-one consulting.

Below, you’ll find a list of the types of writing groups the Writing Center @ MSU offers.

To request a writing group, please fill out out Join a Writing Group form.

Writing Group Catalog

Graduate Writing Groups

Graduate writing groups are open to all MSU graduate students. There are normally 3 to 5 people in each group based on the discipline the students are in—humanities, social sciences, sciences, etc. Students may come to The Writing Center with a group already assembled or they may send individual requests through the Join a Writing Group form on the website to be placed in a writing group.

Creative Writing Groups

Are you a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry? The Writing Center facilitates groups of creative writers who can offer each other peer review, much like you’d see in a creative writing workshop or class. Groups meet once a week to write, share, give feedback, try new techniques, and talk about creative writing.

Our creative writing groups are open to everyone, including community members. Meetings for this group will be held off-campus at the East Lansing Public Library.

Faculty Writing Groups

Not simply an editorial opportunity, faculty writing groups consist of a handful of faculty members and a faculty member who acts as the facilitator, offering you the possibility to network within your discipline, or even to forge cross-discipline relationships and connections.

Faculty Creative Writing Groups

This faculty creative writing group uses the same organization as other faculty writing groups. This group currently meets once every two weeks to allow more writing time.