For Faculty/Staff

We offer online and in-person consultations for faculty and staff members and work with them on a variety of projects including publications, grants, syllabi, conference presentations, and other professional materials. We also work with faculty and staff through hosting semesterly writing retreats and write-ins, facilitating faculty writing groups, and leading Strategies for Teaching Across Fields (STAF), a four-day learning community focused on the practice and theory of teaching with writing across disciplines.


We offer faculty and staff in-person, online, and asynchronous consulting modalities with the option to have recurring weekly appointments for one to two hours. You can schedule appointments for yourself or direct students to do so through our online scheduling site. Please visit our hours and locations page for an explanation of our hours and locations/modalities.

If you require verification that a student came to the Writing Center, the student can forward you a copy of our report letter, which summarizes the session.

Online Chat

We have also instituted an online chat feature that can be accessed through our website. This chat feature is intended to answer quick questions, help people make appointments, or troubleshoot any tech issues with online appointments. If users provide an email when initiating a chat session, they can be sent a transcript of the session.


We have a catalogue of workshops that we offer for both faculty and students when requested, and we would be happy to speak with faculty one-on-one or at department or program meetings to share more about the Writing Center and what we do.

For more information about faculty services, reach out to Dr. Grace Pregent at