WC Alumna Sonja Trierweiler Works in Washington, D.C. Spring 2015 #MidwestHungerIs EventsA shelf of citation manuals
WC Alumna Uses Skills in Washington!
Spring 2015 #MidwestHungerIs Events
Out of Cite, Out of Mind

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  1. Blair R. Zaid
    Blair R. Zaid: What is writer's block and how does it appear to you? #wcmsu

  2. Blair R. Zaid
    Blair R. Zaid: "It's all in my head so the paper is basically done. I just haven't written it down yet!" - me. #wcmsu

  3. Blair R. Zaid

  4. Blair R. Zaid
    Blair R. Zaid: #writingreflections writing is so personal to me even if it is a grocery list, I get terribly absorbed. #wcmsu

  5. Colleen Friel
    Colleen Friel: Working on my science writing with @WCMSU. Excited to synthesize everything I learned at #plantbiology15