A motivational set of gifs for Finals Week

Feeling stressed about finals? Check out these motivational gifs!

Nervous about starting your first exam?

Remember, finals don’t control your life!
I know that sometimes it’s not “possible” to be in control of your own life because you’re still dependent on other people (like your parents, and that’s okay). But eventually, you become independent, and it’s in your hands to choose what will be best for you. You have that power!

Feeling down?
I know I make a lot of penguins, but here’s another little one to boost your self esteem! &gt;w&lt;<br /> Inspired by this cute post.

Once you’ve come halfway through the week, don’t forget to

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming~There’s a new Finding Dory movie coming out in the future too! :D<br /> Note: Apparently a random bunch of my most recent drawings have been making headway around the internet as an image set, yay! 

It may seem like the week lasts forever, but even the worst days come to an end

Even though you might go through some gloomy times, it’ll always get better. ^^ I’m going through a pretty tough time handling schoolwork and college applications, so I apologize for a lack of new posts and not responding to messages. Don’t worry, I’ll update as much as I can, and things will definitely improve after I submit my apps!

And don’t forget to

If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re wrong


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