Author: Cassandra Clay

Flash Fiction Thursday: “Monkey”

I was ordered to kill my best friend. But how could I?

Monkey and I were a team. We played games and made promises together. Both of us wanted to go to Africa and explore the jungles; Monkey wanted to meet real monkeys and study them, I just wanted to travel.

I remembered the first time we met; I was helping mom get the groceries out the car when I saw him sitting in the backseat next to a sack of potatoes. He said his name was Ruty, Rutta, or something like that I can’t remember. I just knew I could never pronounce it so I decided to say Monkey instead. He didn’t mind, in fact I think he liked it.

From that moment on, Monkey and I became inseparable. Just thirty minutes before, Monkey and I fell asleep on the couch watching The Little Mermaid. Now, here I was sitting at the kitchen table looking into the face of my best friend, as I tried desperately to maintain my balance in my seat.

“Honey, just eat the rutabaga.”

I stared down at my plate, where my best friend laid in pieces on my plate, smothered in butter and garlic. I stayed that way until my vision blurred and I wasn’t able to make out the pieces on my plate. Slowly I reached for my fork and stabbed randomly at my plate before slowly bring him to my lips and devouring him.

With tears burning in my eyes I consumed my best friend. He was delicious, but forbidden fruit always tasted good. Or vegetable.

My father looked over at my mom with confusion clouding his brown eyes. “Did I miss something?”

My mom said nothing as she got up from the table, grabbed the dish from the table and threw it in the trash.

The Consultant Diaries: Introducing Brienna and Cassandra

Two consultants stand on the brink of an epiphany. They sit in silence, staring at the wall above the others head, considering where to begin the budding saga of their consultant careers. Brienna twists the top off a brandy decanter and pours the amber liquid into a sifter, only missing the glass once. She swirls it, sniffs it, coughs, and hesitantly trickles the warm liquid into her mouth, hiding a grimace unsuccessfully. Cassandra rolls her eyes at her comrade’s lack of class and snatches the decanter from her hands tossing back a blazing mouthful of the fiery liquid.

The brandy heightens their senses and they tumble into enlightenment.

This is their revelation.

Cassandra: I never had an official interview before I started working at The Writing Center, so when I came here and started consulting I felt like a fish out of water at first, as if I didn’t belong there. (Her eyes glaze over in thought.)

Brienna: (She swirls her glass, and puts on an air of civility). I started off second guessing myself at every turn. I asked myself (and continue to do so) questions like “am I qualified to do this”, and “will this screw up their paper?” It took me at least 10 consultations before I remembered that I was more than capable of helping people spice up their papers. How did you feel Cassandra?

Cassandra: I think for me, I was more worried that other consultants would think I’m doing it wrong. I felt that they were listening in on my consultations, and I wasn’t measuring up as a consultant. Sounds stupid, I know, but I didn’t have confidence at first so I assumed other people were judging me for it. Now I know  it was just me being stupid.

Brienna: I love seeing how other people write, it is one of the main reasons why I was so attracted to the publishing field initially. I love that every person in the world has a story and their own way of telling it.

Cassandra: Me too! I even read some stories that made me want to cry. There were others whose stories so closely mirrored my own experiences, that I felt we shared a bond. That we were long lost kindred spirits.

Brienna: I know! I can’t believe some of the things that people have gone through in their lives. I am baffled by what some people have gone through just to get here (MSU).

Cassandra: But I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn these things. I swear I learn something new from them everyday. It’s not just them learning how to be a better writer, but I’m also learning how to be a better consultant.

Brienna: I agree with that wholeheartedly. Working as a consultant has given me so many opportunities to learn. Not just factual data, but writing styles, and consulting tips that can really help me articulate my thoughts to the writer. I have also gotten a glimpse into the stories of many international students. I feel like I can understand their position better now because of it. Continue reading “The Consultant Diaries: Introducing Brienna and Cassandra”