Currently Reading: 642 Things to Write About, by the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto

642Sometimes I get a bit stumped in my writing.  This  book was gifted to me and I imagine came originally from the Urban Outfitters establishment on Grand River Avenue.  The telltale fabric shopping bag screaming URBAN OUTFITTERS was a bit of a giveaway, but a thoughtful gift it was nonetheless.

I have mixed feelings about the content of the book. The layout has me giving a thumbs down. Each page has only one to four prompts on it. Some are followed by lines, some blank spaces, some in quadrants, and some a whole page. Personally, I would prefer a list. That way the book could be smaller and easier to carry around for those times I’m writer’s blocked and away from home. As it is, the book is a bit large and since I’m usually planning on writing more than three sentences, the space that is given for writing is hardly adequate anyway. I just leave it on the bookshelf, look to it for inspiration, and do my writing elsewhere.

21324_zoom2Ignoring the layout, however, and the awkward writing spaces, the prompts offered are just right. Some of the prompts are very specific and give you a bit of a plot to run with.  Other prompts give a short phrase like “the things she kept hidden.” I like these ones best because they’re vague, brief, and just give you a hint of an idea to get the writing going.

If you need something to get you started with your next creative writing project, I’d recommend this or another writing prompt book if you can find one. It’s a great place to start. And, if you’re looking for a challenge, try combining two, three, four prompts together and seeing what you can come up with!

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