Grammar: The Importance of Content

When I look at the appointment form online and all a client has to work on is “grammar,” I cringe a little bit.  I think grammar is important, but I am not an expert, I do not know all of the rules and I really cannot explain them. I am also a firm believer that the importance of grammar depends on the situation or the type of writing.  Grammatical errors on a one page resume stand out more than errors in a five page paper.  Resumes are meant to be scannable and grammatical errors may stick out more and cost the writer a job.  But with a larger piece of writing, like a five page paper, grammatical errors don’t stick out as much.  But either way, I think that the content or the format of a piece of writing is more important.  The content of any writing is what creates an argument, makes a statement, and depicts the writer’s thoughts.  And while most people may think this is only true with essays or longer papers, I think it applies to everything, all writing.  The content of a resume creates an argument for why an employer should interview or hire the writer, it tells the employer what type of person the writer is through their work, academic, and volunteer experience, and it even depicts the writer’s thoughts through the format and order of the content.

If I am applying for a teaching job I will highlight my past teaching or other related experience in my resume.  This content will make an argument for why I should be considered for the position.  It will argue that I have past experience and that this makes me an appropriate candidate.  If I highlight my teaching experience in first or second grade, then I am telling the employer that those are the grades I prefer to work with.  And if I chose to place my work experience before my education, then I am giving the idea that I find work experience more important. Therefore, while grammar is important in some cases, I find that the content or the format of a piece of writing tends to be more important.  I’m not a big fan of grammar, I find that there are more important aspects of writing, but I can recognize its importance.

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