1: Working Through Limitations & Obstacles

Sometimes we cannot just rely on what we are good at to make up for where we struggle. We need to learn new strategies to work through obstacles. Some common obstacles for graduate students are:

  • establishing systems of organization;
  • managing and using technologies;
  • facing limited resources of time and money;
  •  fighting procrastination;
  • dealing with stress;
  • developing a supportive community.

Please take out a piece of paper (or open a word processing document) and note useful strategies and tools for organizing your research, your teaching, and your other responsibilities.

Here are some questions to consider while you note useful strategies:

  • —What skills, strategies, or understandings did you gain in your previous schooling that led you to feel you would be successful in a PhD program?
  • —So far in your schooling, what have others praised you for academically?
  • —In times of stress and crisis, what do you rely on to get you through?
  • —What kind of hobbies do you have, and what makes you good at them or makes them enjoyable for you?
  • —What traits do you admire about academics you respect?