Beyond Insights

About Outreach

Mission: Outreach through The Writing Center at MSU exists to establish and sustain relationships with surrounding communities to celebrate and advance writing and literacy through workshops, events, groups, presentations and activities. Outreach is an initiative created through The Writing Center at Michigan State University. The initiative strives to continue The Writing Center’s philosophy:

    1. working with and developing multiple literacies
    2. encouraging and facilitating collaboration
    3. supporting interdisciplinary methods of thinking, writing, and researching
    4. promoting diverse understandings of writing and the disciplines in which they are situated
    5. utilizing new technologies in pedagogically responsible ways.

In following these principles, Outreach is tended to extend the physical boundaries of The Writing Center to create opportunities for Writing Center faculty, staff, and students, as well as other members of the MSU community, to establish and sustain relationships with surrounding off-campus communities based off of the writing and literacy needs of those communities. The off-campus communities we primarily work with are schools, non-profits, libraries, and community centers. We mostly work with underserved and underprivileged communities and individuals, typically organizing workshops, events, groups, presentations, and other activities to celebrate and engage with the work of writing and literacy. Generally, the initiative also looks to explore the ideas of what it means to teach and learn writing and how places and spaces generate or limit teaching and learning writing. With literacy at the core of its mission, this Outreach initiative seeks to create a space for invention, collaboration, and reciprocity with various off-campus participants. We also partner with other departments and programs on campus to reach the community. Ultimately, we are willing to work with anyone who is interested in writing and literacy. Please follow us on Twitter @WCMSU. If you have questions for, or want to collaborate or join Outreach, please send an email to outreachwcmsu@gmail.com. Click here if you want to request our services.