Here at The Writing Center we provide a wide variety of services to the MSU community that focus on creating better writers. Our services are available for students, staff, and faculty, alike.

One-to-One Consulting

In a One-to-One consultation, a consultant will work with you (or a small group) to improve your writing on an individual basis. By listening, we can help you to identify your writing strengths and weaknesses and we can give you the tools you need to improve your writing. We are available at several different locations across campus to collaborate with you at any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming to drafting your dissertation.

Online Consulting

Another kind of individual consulting that we do here at The Writing Center is online consulting. We facilitate these consultations through Twiddla, a browser-based platform where you can work with your consultant. Online consultations are useful for students who are studying away or who would rather work from the comfort of their own home. A reliable Internet connection is needed.


In addition to the individual services that we offer, we also have in-classroom workshops that are designed for larger groups. These workshops help students to think about writing in an academic setting and beyond. We want to get students thinking, prompt discussion, and share our knowledge of writing that students can use throughout their college career.

Writing Groups

We also offer three kinds of writing groups that help with collaborative and peer writing. For those of you wishing to work on fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, we have a creative writing group. We also have graduate writing groups that are organized by discipline. For teachers, we have faculty writing groups. All of these writing groups allow you to learn from your peers, share your common knowledge, and network with others who share similar interests.


Outreach through The Writing Center at MSU exists to establish and sustain relationships with surrounding communities to celebrate and advance writing and literacy through workshops, events, groups, presentations and activities. The off-campus communities we primarily work with are schools, non-profits, libraries, and community centers.