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The Grand Finale: A Special Interview with the Women of Content Koalas—with Laura Allen, Rachael LeFevre, Rachel Little, Allegra Smith & Wonderful Faison

Throughout this interview series on Women of the Writing Center, I, Wonderful Faison, have attempted to give you a glimpse into the lives, motivations, struggles, and disruptions of many of the women of the Writing Center @ Michigan State University. In these final interviews, I hope to show why the women of Content Koalas (the team of students who write and publish blog posts on the Writing Center website) find the work they do in this group valuable to themselves, the Writing Center, and Michigan State University.

Why did you decide to join Content Koalas?

As undergraduate consultant Laura Allen puts it the one reason she joined is “it looked like fun. I thought it was interesting. I like personal writing, though I never do it and this would make me do some stuff and write some things. I forgot about joining but Zeke [Ezekiel Choffel] reminded me.”

Graduate coordinator Rachel Little agrees with Laura, but notes, “[graduate consultant] Anna Green signed me up to do it with her. We thought it was fun to do. Also [Professional Writing alumna] Katie McAlpine said this was helpful for my career.”

When I spoke with undergraduate consultant Rachael LeFevre, the motivation to join Content Koalas was twofold: she loves writing and she’s “seen the posts that are on the website. It is cool to have consultants view out there and to show our personalities. Show people we are people too. And its cool we can express that.”

For Allegra, our editor and media coordinator, her motivations were slightly different as she says, “I kind of had to be the media coordinator. Trixie approached me because [former media coordinator] Casey Miles was transitioning into the classroom to teach. I was her first choice because of my background in professional writing.  I realize how much mentorship is involved” and how “that adds to your CV and how can we balance your CV line with what you want to write.”

For the interviewer (Wonderful Faison), she “mainly joined because Allegra asked me if I wanted to get involved. I told her I had no qualms about doing it on one condition. I needed to be Black. In other words, I did not want my words, ideas, and thoughts whitewashed into some kind of academic [white] noise that didn’t sound like me and was not, in any way a representation of who I am, who I care about, and what/whom I research. Allegra was amenable to these ‘demands,’ so joining was easy.”

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