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Trendspotting: Tom’s Shoes and Clear Plastic Bags

Trendspotting with Katie Manthey logo

Looks like THE accessories to have this summer are Tom’s shoes on your feet and a clear plastic bag in your hand–especially if you are in the vicinity of this summer’s Academic Orientation Program. Hordes of brand new MSU students came through the Resource Fair in June and July and got the opportunity to check out the Writing Center’s booth where they picked up free swag including magnetic post-it notes, bookmarks, and page flags. Looking forward to seeing everyone in one of the Writing Center’s many locations starting this fall!

Trendspotting: Grandparents University

By: Katie Manthey

Trendspotting with Katie Manthey logoLooks like green was the color to wear in the Writing Center last week–especially if you were participating in all the fun of Grandparents University. Tuesday and Wednesday, the Writing Center was full of nontraditional students: both older and younger than average. The fun included events such as memoir writing and making videos and it looked like everyone had a really great time.

I think it’s safe to say that the biggest trend of last week was Grandparents University–any votes on what it might be for this week?