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Digital Storytelling: Writing to Augment Reality

Do you know why fiction is so much fun? Fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, even realistic drama?

It’s fun because reality can be so boring. Elves don’t exist? Space battles with lasers and explosions aren’t yet feasible? No such thing as magic? Everyday people have no cold cases to solve?

Ugh. What, then, is reality even good for? All the fun stuff is reserved for fictional settings and characters.

That is, of course, unless someone takes it into their own hands to make reality more interesting. Alternate reality games (also called augmented reality games, or just ARGs), are games that create a fictional world around their players, but that fictional world overlaps with the real world. In other words, you play the game not with a controller or an interface, but with your real world actions.One of the most accessible versions of a ARG is the jogging game Zombies, Run!

Fans of The Walking Dead should appreciate this. This is a mobile app, in which you play a game about running from zombies by — get this — actually running in real life. You put earphones in, switch on your favorite music, and go for a run to the sweet sound of bloodthirty zombies who got louder and closer if you don’t keep up the pace. Continue reading “Digital Storytelling: Writing to Augment Reality”