Anicca’s IWCA Experience

IWCA 2017 was my first International Writing Center Conference event. I presented with a former colleague about a classroom-based tutoring program I had administered for three years at my former institution and which she had taken over administration of as the faculty writing center director in the last two years. I love collaborating with others in conference spaces and though we presented late in the day on Sunday, we had a few participants attend (some MSU folks included!). In many ways I think our presentation was a prefiguring moment for a potential project we’ll work on together in the future. And so in that capacity, it acted as a exploratory, audience engaged, workshop format more than a paper presentation moment. It was positive to see the ways in which MSU’s writing center culture is already acting on my pedagogy: we had people visualize and draw their own institutional configurations, we asked participants to help us build new knowledge and ask questions of us. In this way, it helped me better understand my own meaning making around the reflective moments of a conference presentation.

I also attended a session that was highly feedback based. Because the national conferences I have attended are CCCC and WPA, I wasn’t familiar with their format here. They are called “In-Progress” sessions and this means that participants have submitted in process work to each other before the conference and received feedback from one another. Then, in the session, they briefly outline their paper and the other participants verbalize feedback while the “audience” observes. It mirrors something I do in my first-year writing courses called a “fishbowl” where students observe feedback taking place and then have a space where they can also offer questions or thoughts. Sharing your work is an intimate, vulnerable space and it struck me what a supportive, generative environment this session felt like, overall. It is a thing I would definitely apply to participate in in the future to share my own work.

I also found myself reflecting, during the conference, on the differences between “Cs” and a conference like this. Cs is very big, bustling and fast. It feels like a marathon of interaction in sessions, hallways, after conference events and networking/working moments. In contrast, IWCA felt very quiet, calm, and in some ways, more intimate. I was happy to see several people I see at Cs, to share meals or tea with them and catch up but in general, I spent my time with MSU colleagues, how cool! In general, conference spaces are a nice place for me to feel connected to the larger field. For many, myself included in the past, these conferences are often very important places to step out of isolation in the English departments we frequently find ourselves working in as compositionists. I felt a strong sense of connection to MSU and our ethos as a program. I’m so thrilled to be a part of such an engaged, thoughtful, dynamic group of learners and practitioners.

Written by Anicca Cox

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