Jam of the Week: “Birthday Cake”, by Stephen Walking

I don’t know how you feel about electronic music in general, it seems like people with opinions on it either love it or hate it. I’m in the former camp, I’ve been a fan of most of the sub genres for years now, but I’ve been listening to a lot of electro, house, and dubstep lately. This is how I discovered Stephen Walking.

Stephen Walking covers a number of sub-genres, but “Birthday Cake,” my favorite track by him so far, is electro. I listen to a lot of electronic music when I’m reading or writing for a couple of reasons. The general lack of vocals tends to be less distracting than lyrical songs, which is really useful. In a similar vein, since electronic music is primarily written for clubs, it tends to favor rhythm over melody, and good electronic music (especially trance) tends to remove the listener from the rest of the world. It’s probably best listened to through headphones.

“Birthday Cake” does these things well, but it’s also got just a ton of energy, this song gets me pumped up. Having the energy to write (or read, there’s a lot of that in graduate school!) is as important as having the motivation to do so. I find that music can keep me writing or distract me, and “Birthday Cake” tends to do the former.

If it helps, I also tend to listen to electronic music when I’m thinking about or working on science fiction. Something about electro and the like feel futuristic to me, and I doubt that I’m the only who feels that way.

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