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Join Us For The Digital And Multimodal Lab!


Are you making videos, slide presentations, or websites? The multimodal lab can help! We offer: 

  • Assistance on any type of digital composition, including videos, slide presentations, or websites
  • Guiding questions to help aid digital composition, like: Who is your audience? What and how is the text doing what it’s supposed to be doing? How does this mode afford or constrain this message?
  • Assistance in creating accessible digital texts through captions, transcripts, and design compatible with screen reader technology
  • Assistance in usability testing of websites

How to use our services: 

  • Visit writing.msu.edu then “Schedule an Appointment”
  • Sign in and select Digital and Multimodal Lab for the location. All consultations will be held in the Writing Center location in Bessey 300.
  • Select a convenient appointment time
  • Bring your digital text to the appointment

Digital and Multimodal Lab dates:

  • Sunday, November 5 from 5-8pm
  • Tuesday, November 7 from 5-8pm
  • Wednesday, Novemer 8 from 5-8pm
  • Sunday, December 3 from 5-8pm
  • Tuesday, December 5 from 5-8pm
  • Wednesday, December 6 from 5-8pm