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Kiera’s MiWCA Experience

On October 21, 2017, I had my first experience presenting at the 22nd Michigan Writing Center Association Conference for Ideas Exchange at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. My proposal for the conference was about working with Multilingual students in the Writing Center at different locations. Specifically, my partner Christian Lambren, a graduate student in Student Affairs, and I were interested in finding how space and community, body-language, and proximity (regarding structural elements ex: seating arrangements) in the WC rooms on campus affected consultations with Multilingual Students. I grew interest in researching such a multifaceted topic from working in the Writing Center on campus in different locations for a total 5 semesters! Most of my consultations included new, and returning determined Multilingual writers who were interested in understanding how to improve grammar errors, and/or how to interpret an assignment to prove they followed the instructions correctly. I never felt more connected with any other academic community other than the Writing Center at MSU because of the inclusiveness of its spaces on campus, and the approachable, supportive team of the writing consultants in each respective location.

To answer the research question: How does space and community, body-language/movement, and proximity (structural elements of a space) affect consultations with Multilingual students in different WC locations? Christian, and I prepared a survey to analyze the attitudes and beliefs of consultants in the main WC location on campus, Bessey Hall, the location where we both currently work, Holden Hall, and labeled the last category, “A different satellite location”. The results indicated that there were 26 consultants who participated and gave feedback on the survey we created using Qualtrics survey monkey. The questions asked consultants to give feedback for each category: 2 questions on community and space, 1 about location, 2 of best practices, and finally, 2 questions asking for feedback on the workshop MSU’s WC prepared for the last conference (MiWCA 2016).

Furthermore, preparing and finding time to allot for this research study was challenging, but worth the commitment. Christian, and I loosely divided the responsibilities for the presentation according to who had time to do what, while also meeting to discuss and sort through our findings because we both were often occupied with school, and work schedules. I am anticipating graduation in May 2018 for Professional Writing with the College of Arts and Letters at MSU. Presenting at the 22nd Michigan Writing Center Association Conference has been a great professional experience where I was extremely thrilled to meet and network with many faculty and staff from other college Writing Centers in Michigan. The students of Oakland University were so welcoming, I immediately felt a part of the community while presenting, and watching other presentations during my visit. In the future, I hope to continue studying more of best practices while working with Multilingual students.

Written by Kiera Williams

Writing Centers and Multilingual Learners (A Review of MiWCA)

At the 2017 MiWCA conference, Cristian Lambaren and Kiera Williams presented on the affect and effect of the Writing Center space on multilingual learners seeking assistance from writing center tutors at the MSU Bessey writing center and its 5 subsequent satellite hubs. This panel showed that while clients like the welcoming feel of the Bessey writing center, it seems busy, having a lot of miscellaneous objects around that are not or do not seem conducive to writing or giving one impetus to write. However, clients were similarly critical of the satellites décor, noting they were bare, lacking, and without any accoutrements to help relax writers. While this difference is stark, and in large part due to how the neighborhood satellites are contracted out to the writing center, it is clear that multilingual clients conclude that each writing center space, no matter which one they attend, lacks balance. As such, the MSU writing center should begin to think of ways to balance the look and feel of the writing center across both its main hub and its subsequent satellite locations.

Written by Wonderful Faison, PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant in Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures (WRAC)