Writing Centers and Access: A Speaker Series.

The Writing Center @ MSU, in partnership with the Citizen Scholars Programs, present our second Speaker Series. Join us this semester for talks about access and accessibility from leading scholars in the field.

Jay Dolmage: “Ableism, Access, and Inclusion: Disability in Higher Education Before, During, and After COVID-19”

In this workshop, we will collaborate to address the ableist attitudes, policies, and practices that are built into higher education. We will also interrogate the minimal and temporary means we have been given to address inequities, and the cost such an approach has for disabled students and faculty. We will explore our own ableist biases, apologies and defenses in an effort to build tools for a much more accessible future at Michigan State, while we also examine how disability has been situated in higher education before, during and (someday) after Covid-19.

February 4, 2021,1-2 PM EST.

Margaret Price: “Everyday Survival and Collective Action: What We Can Learn from Disabled Faculty about Access and Care”

February 17, 2021,1-2 PM EST.

Julie Minich: “Radical Health: Justice, Care, and Latinx Expressive Culture”

March 4, 2021, 1-2 PM EST.

Stephanie Kerschbaum: “Signs of Disability in the Writing Center”

March 18, 20211-2 PM EST. Click here to RSVP

Christina Cedillo: “The Time of Writing: Kairos, Chronos, and Pedagogical Consultation”

April 8, 20211-2 PM EST. Click here to RSVP

This series was made possible through the CAL Engaged Pedagogy and Programming Grant.