To Fellow Writing Center Noobs:

Not only am I a first-year graduate student, but I’m also a new writing center coordinator. Being a first-timer, I had a great deal to learn from experienced writing consultants and students that visit our center. Although orientation prepared me for the job, I still wasn’t confident in the skills that I can offer as a writer. I am in no way the best writer or consultant out there, so I doubted how much assistance I could provide to clients. The first client I had was just as nervous as I was during our first consultation and it was then that I realized there is no way that any consultant can be perfect. I know now that if I’m unsure about something, then the client and I can work together to find an answer. In fact, I realized that I am constantly utilizing the boundless resources that the writing center has to offer. My biggest resource in the center comes from the support I receive from other staff members, and not to mention the endless amount of coffee.

Because this is a new experience, I often feel like I never know if I’m doing something right, however, it has been incredibly easy to ask anyone in the center for advice. I trust that the people working in the writing center care about me and this is something that I want to offer to clients that visit our center. I relate to every struggle and question a client brings to me because I have encountered these issues in my own writing. Even though I’m a new writing consultant, I feel as if I’ve been doing this work for a lifetime because not unlike my clients, I am still learning new things about composition every day. The equal relationship that the client and I have is what allows us to work on something as a team, rather being looked to as the expert. This multicolored writing center that houses diverse writers, and sometimes a dog, is a safe place we can all share, make mistakes, and collaborate together in order to create something meaningful.

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