What it Means to be a Consultant

We’ve asked some of our consultants to comment on what this work means to them. 

Jessica H. “As a consultant, I help people build confidence in their ability to communicate about their lives, work, and passions everyday. I provide direction and teach in the moment. I meet unique people from all over the world and hear their stories. And, I work with some of the smartest and coolest people on campus. I’d say it’s a pretty sweet job.”

Kurt T. “Being a consultant is more than checking grammar or fixing structure.  Consultants at the Writing Center engage in a dialogue with each client to determine areas in which their writing can be improved, for their current assignment and in the future.  This creates the attainable goal of building better writers, not just better writing.”

Alyson G. “To me, being a consultant is an opportunity to learn through discussion. It is my responsibility to listen to the client’s concerns, and then to address them step by step throughout the appointment. Beyond that, I try to use those moments to teach clients a skill or tool that will help them in their future writing, and not just on the issues we covered during that particular session.”