Featured Resource: Purdue OWL

Hello again, it is time for a new featured resource! This time we will be taking a look at the Purdue OWL website. As a consultant one of the most frequent questions I help students with is how to cite sources. Citations are difficult for many reasons, but the Purdue OWL is one great option for finding examples of how to cite your sources.

Whether it be MLA or APA formatting the OWL has the answers. This resource is great for many reasons. The first being that each subject has a visual explanation and examples.

In addition to citing guides, the OWL also has tutorials and exercises for students, tutors, and teachers. When tackling a new subject, these tutorials can help provide a brief introduction to how to best execute the usage of your source material. If you look at the Teacher and Tutor Resources page and select any of the options you will find yourself at different exercises and presentations to help along the way.

screenshot of Purdue OWL website

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