2: Revision

Revision is an inevitable part of the dissertation writing process. Revision is usually discussed as a specific stage of the writing process that takes place after initial drafting during which the writer rearranges text, expands ideas, and edits errors. Since writing is recursive, revision happens throughout the writing process until the document is considered “finished.”

Consider these approaches
Revision is collaborative. Talking about your ideas and writing with people in and outside your field can be helpful in developing your idea and working out gaps in your knowledge. Talk with family members, friends, officemates, colleagues, and Writing Center consultants. Meet frequently with your advisor or other committee members. Consider joining an informal writing group.

Take out a sheet of paper (or open a word processing document) and list some people you’d be interested in talking with about your writing.

Revision is recognizing what is and isn’t working and making changes as your project grows. Take a moment and think about where you are at with your dissertation (or other project). Consider what changes you might need to make to:

  • Methodological choices
  • Conceptual frameworks
  • Diction and terminology, and/or
  • Writing processes and practices