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The Habit of Writing in 750 Words

I’ve noticed a lot of people say they hate writing when they come to The Writing Center. That may be true, or it may be that they hate writing papers in a particular format and then having them graded. But writing for fun, for yourself? That’s a different issue entirely, and for anyone willing to see if they actually enjoy writing, 750words.com is a great place to try it out. It’s meant to get you into the habit of writing as just a way to express your ideas. Nobody’s going to grade it, or judge it, or say it’s stupid or needs citation. You just type out what you think, and you get points for it. It’s not scary, and maybe it’ll make writing that next paper a little less scary, too.

From Thought Catalog: Everyone Should Write

A recent article from Thought Catalog brings up the idea that every person should write. Often, people (especially students) think of writing as a means to an end; a way to get a grade, to prove to their professor that they are learning, etc. This article, however, beautifully covers the subject of looking at writing through different eyes.”Everyone should write because writing makes us decide what we believe — and so it makes us decide who we are.”

Here at The Writing Center, we wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy: we try to communicate ideas about the writing process, and about being writers.


Trendspotting: Go Tigers!

By Alyson GinesHi folks, it has been pretty clear what this week’s trend is: Detroit Tigers! Consultants and students alike have been proudly representing our team as the excitement towards the World Series has been mounting. We love seeing people passionate about something, and sharing in their enthusiasm. Are you writing a short story you’re psyched about? Working on a paper about your favorite book? Writing a personal statement to get into your top grad school? Bring it into The Writing Center; we would love to collaborate with you. And Go Tigers!

Two people wear Detroit Tigers sports wear






Photo Friday: Navigating the PhD

Navigating the PhD: A Writing Workshop
Navigating the PhD: A Writing Workshop

The Navigating the PhD workshop is going down in the center today. This is an all-day workshop (9-3) divided into two sections. In the morning, discussions are based around managing time and academic relationships; and in the afternoon, writing processes and strategies.

Our next NtP workshops this Fall are Saturday, Sept. 8th and Friday, Nov. 2nd. For more information see writing.msu.edu/ntp.