The Consultant Diaries

pic of Corrine V.As consultants, we all have our favorite and least favorite types of writing to work with.  But sometimes I think it doesn’t always matter on the type of writing so much as the client.  My bio on the website states “I enjoy working with digital rhetoric, alternative media, and web design projects, as well as brainstorming and literature reviews,” which is true, but the client’s attitude brings a lot to appointment.  The best consultations I have had were not necessarily with these types of writing, they included clients with positive attitude who really wanted to improve their writing as well as that specific assignment. 

The Writing Center and all of the wonderful consultants want to help with papers, but also strengthen the client’s writing as a whole.  I, personally, love it when I am able to see a reoccurring client improve their writing.  I am overjoyed when they come in and I can see that they have really tried to focus on what we discussed in their previous session.  It doesn’t matter what type of writing we are looking at.  If we previously looked at a literature review for class and currently looking at a personal statement, some aspects of writing still apply to both.  For example, in a literature review, I may work with a client on attention to detail in their analysis; the attention to detail will also apply to a personal statement.

Overall, the client matters more than the type of writing in a consultation.  I can be working with a literature review on Jane Austen, but if the client doesn’t want to or isn’t comfortable in discussing their writing, the consultation will not go as smoothly.  So please come prepared to discuss and improve your writing.

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