The Consultant Diaries

Being called an expert in writing makes consulting seem a little more daunting.  Last week, while working with a Phd student, I was referred to as the expert.  That was weird.  I’m sitting with a client, who is at least ten years older than me and has at least one more degree than me, and yet I was deemed the expert.  But I guess that’s what we are supposed to be, at least to our clients. We have taken the classes and we have been trained, but does that make us experts?

As a consultant, I like to think that I’m a fantastic writer, but I too seek out help for my writing.  I am currently working on personal statements for grad school applications, and soon I will be visiting The Writing Center as a client.  It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes read through a piece of writing to find errors in content, spelling, and grammar.  A second pair of eyes can tell us what does not make sense as a reader, what we should expand on and what we should cut out.

So while I would like to think of myself as an expert, mainly because it inflates my ego just a little bit, I can’t say that I am.  I can say that I’m a second pair of eyes available for clients to point out those parts that don’t make perfect sense.

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